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Start your baby’s life off with a beautiful Bear to commemorate the Baptism or Christening. Keep the Bear to remind you of all those happy memories of your little one growing up. Please remember these bears are keepsakes, not toys and are not intended for Children
Have a Bear made from your old student clothing to remind you of all your old friends from University, school or College!

It's a special birthday and you have the perfect gift for your loved one, relative or friend. Choose your Bear and send me the material of your choice and I will create a bear to celebrate a special day.

Let me create a lasting memory out of an item of clothing that reminds you of the person you have lost. We can discuss your wishes and I will create the perfect Bear to commemorate the life of a special person.

Weddings are a special day in everyone’s life, so why not have a Bear made to mark the day. Send me your fabrics and materials that are of special significance from your day and I will create a Bear to last for many happy years.