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Welcome to Millie’s Memory Bears! Memory bears are a beautiful way of remembering your loved ones.

All the bears are made from treasured or favourite clothing that belonged to your loved one. They are the perfect  way to remember somebody.

Each bear is made from material supplied by you such as shirts, jeans, dresses, or other items of clothing or material that you would like to use. Consider using items of clothing that reminds you of your loved one each time you see it.

Memory bears are not designed as toys but as keepsakes and can also be made to commemorate other special events.

Each Bear is individually hand crafted from your memories and clothing. These are unique heirloom quality bears that I plan, cut, sew, stuff, hand stitch and then assemble with your memories in mind.

Each Millie Bear is an original, there are no two alike. They have their own unique family tree and as in most families, the ancestry is varied and interesting.

They are made from your memories. Memory Bears are not just for remembering our deceased loved ones but can be made for any occasion such as Graduations, Birthdays, Weddings, Baptisms etc.

An alternative could be a cushion cover or a lap quilt, it depends on the best way to keep the memory alive. You decide.